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Jokers Hockey Club
Big Stick
Team Website: facebook.com/JokersHockey
Team Contacts:
  Craig Hughson
  Marc Hickox
Home Jersey:
 Euro White Trash
Away Jersey:
 Schwarz Power

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LaCoors Light looking for lung doner.
Posted By: Heino!
Friday, January 16, 2015

Jokers froward Joel "Iron Lung" LaCoors Light is currently on the hunt for a lung doner. The current pair of wind bags he is saddled with are too small and make a funny noise after two or three stops and starts. Any viable donors are asked to drop off any "gently used" lungs to the snack bar at UCC.

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Big Stick
Sat - 8:00 PM  -   UCC
Sat - 9:00 PM  -   UCC

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