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Is it time for Don Cherry to take a hike?
Yes, he's a sad old bigot.
No way, he's a national treasure.
I'll miss him, but he ought to retire.
We should continue to benefit from his keen hockey sense and laudable sense of patriotism.

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Wheatfield Souldiers
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Souldiers reactivate Sutton
Posted By: Molgat
Monday, September 28, 2009

WAWA - The Wheatfield Souldiers have announced the reactivation of veteran goaltender John Sutton. Sutton, who has spent much of the offseason on the team''s ,Injured Reserve ,list, is expected to see action this Saturday, ,Oct. 3 at UCC.

"Unless he hurts himself moving boxes *or* something, John will likely be in net this weekend," said a source close to the Winnipeg-spawned team. "The thing is, there''s a chance he ,may be in the opposing team''s net."

The source refused to ,elaborate on that alarming comment, simply adding, "I shit you not."

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