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Super Cup 2015 Team Rosters, Game Schedule Announced
Posted By: uuhadood
Monday, March 30, 2015

TORONTO - The team rosters and game schedule for the 2015 Super Cup tournament have been announced. Barring any last-minute trades, the four competing teams will consist of the following players:

The Screamin' Jays will be comprised of Andrew Blakely and Stephen Cribbin from the Humiliation, returning Super Cup free agent Adam Fell, family  compact Mike, Jim and Nic Frolick, Lads veterans Tommy Gough and Nick Hehn, Wheatfield Souldiers defencemen (and sometimes forwards) Chuck Molgat and Jimmy Murphy, along with Souldiers alumni Mark Pindera, Gas Station Islander Seth Singer and Souldier Brad Sveistrup. Jokers back-up goaltender Marc Hickox will man the pipes for the Jays, who will be sporting light blue uniforms.

The Big Stars will feature a few familiar faces in brothers Mike and Rob Thompson, along with the GSI tandem of Cam Collyer and Nick Purdon. Souldiers Derek Domingos and Jon Weier, Lads brethren Fernando and Fil Freitas and Rockets regulars Joseph Desjardins and Paul Shields will also don Big Stars black, along with free agents Cam Pyper and Eric Martin and, likely, an additional yet-to-be-named roster player. Souldiers goalie John Sutton will return to the Big Stars crease, as well.

Team Canada '76 will see brothers Dominic and Sebastien Chartier take the the ice alongside Souldiers Eric Toth, Scott Montgomery and Mike Wilk as well as Humiliation rookie Aaron Knight and teammate Clint Whitworth. Free agents Scott Pettus and Ariel Cabalin will don the red throw-back unis, too, as will Porcupines defencemen Matt Latreille and Lorne Kredl, Jokers funnyman Sean Cullen and GSI's Tim Posgate. The Lads' Luis Freitas will attempt to repeat as the tournament's winning goaltender, this time in a Team Canada '76 sweater.

Making up this year's Rebellion squad will be brothers Mike and Steve Harkness, along with Souldiers teammate Rodney Merchant and Jokers Ted Bisaillion, Duncan Fremlin and Steve Levine. Rockets Gregor Campbell and Richard Clarkin will join Humiliation newcomer Glenn Gummerson in the Rebellion trenches, as will Lads veteran Simon Evers, Porcupines defensive juggernaut Adam Thrasher and free agents Rich Pell and Gregor Beresford. Souldiers goaltender Sheldon Shurland will be between the pipes for the Rebellion, who will be wearing polychromatic striped sweaters of brown, white and gold.

(If, by chance, you were under the impression you had registered to participate in the Super Cup tournament but do not see your name on any of the above rosters, please email Chuck at ASAP.)

And here's the Super Cup game schedule (with all games taking place this Friday, April 3 at McCormick Arena):

10:00 AM - Big Stars vs. Rebellion
11:00 AM - Team Canada '76 vs. Screamin' Jays
12:00 PM - Rebellion vs. Team Canada '76
1:00 PM - Screamin' Jays vs. Big Stars
2:00 PM - Big Stars vs. Team Canada '76
3:00 PM - Rebellion vs. Screamin' Jays
4:00 PM - Skills Competition
5:00 PM - Super Cup Championship Final

Please note: above start times are subject to slight adjustments, particularly those of the 12:00 PM and the 2:00 PM games, which will likely start a few minutes later than scheduled in order to give the teams playing back-to-back matches a bit of additional time to rest (like, 10 minutes or so). As we have the rink to ourselves all day, and as games occasionally take less than the designated hour to complete, we expect to have some leeway in terms of start times and we thank all participants for their flexibility in advance. Also, if things need to run a bit late during the round-robin portion of the tournament, the time can be made up by abbreviating the hour allocated for the Skills Competition. The Championship Final, however, will start no later than 5:00 PM as we only have the arena booked until 6:00 (or, more specifically, half-an-hour thereafter to accommodate changing/showering, etc. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to email Chuck at

Participants are reminded we'll have the small ice pad at our disposal all day, along with the Nixon Room, so please be encouraged to invite out friends and family for pleasure skating and general revelry. Also, the McCormick Park Cafe will be serving food adjacent to the rink (south side, facing the park) until 3:00 PM. Participants are also encouraged to head to the nearby Derby restaurant and pub (1516 Dundas St. West) immediately after the Championship Final for food, drink, fun and the official presentation of the Super Cup. 

2019 Playoffs League Leaders
Kyle Welton
Parkdale Hockey Lads
Dustin Harris
Brockton Rockets
Sean Morrison
Aaron Foster
Beau's Beer Hack
Daniel Wilcox
Brockton Rockets
Steve Levine
Jokers Hockey Club
Mike Thompson
Michael Wilcox
Brockton Rockets
James Neilson
Brockton Rockets
Dustin Harris
Brockton Rockets
Dustin Harris
Brockton Rockets
Steve Levine
Jokers Hockey Club
Aaron Foster
Beau's Beer Hack
Kyle Welton
Parkdale Hockey Lads
Dominic Chartier
Gas Station Islanders
Aaron Brophy
Beau's Beer Hack
Jonathan Dickson
Brockton Rockets
John Sutton
Wheatfield Souldiers
Burke Lawrence
Jokers Hockey Club
Luke Smit

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