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Humiliation, Wheatfield Souldiers to Vie for Championship Cup
Posted By: uuhadood
Sunday, March 30, 2014

Humiliation goaltender Luke Smit (left) stopped 23 of 25 shots while captain Mike Thompson (above) scored twice in Saturday's series-clinching match with the Parkdale Porcupines. Despite finishing the Regular Season in last place, the Humiliation has beat the top two teams en route to a third consecutive Finals berth.

TORONTO - The Humiliation and the Wheatfield Souldiers will compete for the 2014 UUHA Championship. The two teams won their respective semi-final series vs. the Parkdale Porcupines and the Beau's Beer Hack this past Saturday night with both contests having to be settled by shoot-outs. The Championship Final is scheduled for 9:00 PM on Saturday, April 12 at Upper Canada College.
Saturday's action also saw series victories posted by the Jokers and Parkdale Hockey Lads. Those two teams will now compete in the Bronze Medal Game scheduled for 8:00 PM on Saturday, April 12.
The Consolation Final (scheduled for 7:00 PM on Saturday, April 12) will feature the winners of next Saturday's (April 5) two Relegation Round games. Those contests will see the Gas Station Islanders take on the Brockton Rockets at 7:00 PM while the Porcupines go up against the Hack an hour later
Series Score: Humiliation 4* - Parkdale Porcupines 3
(*Humiliation wins in Shootout)
After winning the opening game of their two-game, total-goals series vs. the Parkdale Porcupines by a score of 2-1, the Humiliation needed only a tie in regulation time in order to pen another chapter in the team's Cinderella story that has seen the Orange Tide go from worst to one of the best in a mere matter of weeks. The Porcs, however, had their own story to write and with two-way threat Adam Thrasher back in the lineup the fast-skating team's quill was primed. So too were goaltender Luke Smit's puck-stopping skills, though, as the game-changing netminder went on to turn aside 20 of 22 shots over three periods as the Porcs outshot the Humiliation 22-11. Meanwhile, at the other end of the ice, Porcs' goalie Andrew Stirk was equal to Smit's task percentage-wise, allowing just one goal on 11 attempts. But despite the fact the Porcs won the game 2-1, the narrow margin merely tied the series, prompting a shootout. (Had the game ended sooner, a two-minute sudden-death overtime period would have ensued. However, as the actual time was already after 11:00 PM, the series proceeded directly to a shootout in accordance with league rules.) Thrasher shot first and was stopped by Smit. Thompson then scored, putting the Humiliation up by a goal. Porcs rookie Corey Thorn (who had scored and set up his team's other goal earlier in the game) shot next and was also solved by Smit. Humiliation newcomer Jim Sioukas went next and was turned aside by Stirk. The pressure then fell upon Todd Moffat's shoulders, who had to score in order to keep the shootout exercise going. He did not, and the series went to the Humiliation.
Series score: Wheatfield Souldiers 7* - Beau's Beer Hack 6
(*Souldiers win in shootout)
Game 1 of this two-game, total-goals semi-final series saw the Wheatfield Souldiers go up 3-0 by the halfway point before the resilient Beau's Beer Hack stormed back with four consecutive tallies to take a single goal lead into Game 2. That lead was erased midway through the 1st period, however, when Souldiers captain Chuck Molgat corralled a drop-pass from linemate Kelly McCaig and narrowly beat Hack goalie Aaroon Brophy with a hard shot along the ice. Forward Jimmy Murphy tilted the series in the Souldiers' favour a few minutes later, but Hack sniper Aaron Foster evened things out early in the middle frame, combining with Mike Woodgate and Louis Durand to get one past goalie Sheldon Shurland. Chris Barkley then took advantage of a turnover to skate in on Shurland and tie the game, putting his side up in the series in the process. But with just 2:20 remaining in the game, Derek Domingos picked up a neutral zone feed from Wes Gerbrandt and made good on the scoring attempt. Two minutes of sudden-death overtime solved nothing, sending proceedings to a shootout. Eric Toth shot first for the Souldiers and scored. Louis Durand then stepped up for the Hack and was turned aside by Shurland. Next up for the Souldiers was Mike Harkness, who was solved by Brophy. Foster threatened next, but was stymied by poor ice in the slot and lost control of the puck. Domingos went next, embracing a chance to clinch victory with a tight, raised shot over Brophy's shoulder as the Souldiers claimed the series by the narrowest of margins.
Series score: Jokers 6 - Brockton Rockets 2
Tyler Stewart combined with captain Ted Bisaillion and Tim Progosh to open scoring at the game's midway point, giving the Jokers a veritable strangle hold on their series with the Brockton Rockets, whom the Funniest Team on Ice had bettered the previous weekend by a pair of goals. Another Jokers goal early in the final frame (this time scored by Steve Levine, with Progosh and Craig Hughson assisting) provided the proverbial nail in the metaphoric coffin as Burke Lawrence registered his first shutout of the postseason. Though out of the running for the league Championship, the win provided the current trophy holders with a shot at Bronze Medal status vs. the Parkdale Lads.
Series score: Parkdale Lads 11 - Gas Station Islanders 7
After the wild shooting gallery that was Game 1 of their series with the Gas Station Islanders (that game ended 6-5 in the Lads' favour), Parkdale's original franchise appeared to have a tenuous series lead if only due to a woefully short bench (the team went with eight skaters to GSI's 14). But quality held up over quantity as snipers Kyle Welton and Ian Seeton potted a pair each for the victorious side (including an unassisted power-play marker each) as the Lads qualified for the Bronze Medal Game with a 5-2 win in the game and a 11-7 series total. Spare Ted Bisaillion netted the other Lads goal (assisted by Fil Freitas) while Dave Bidini (assisted by Cam Collyer) and Dominic Chartier (unassisted) scored for GSI.
2019/20 Regular Season League Leaders
Kyle Welton
Parkdale Hockey Lads
Dustin Harris
Brockton Rockets
Sean Morrison
Aaron Foster
Beau's Beer Hack
Daniel Wilcox
Brockton Rockets
Steve Levine
Jokers Hockey Club
Mike Thompson
Michael Wilcox
Brockton Rockets
James Neilson
Brockton Rockets
Dustin Harris
Brockton Rockets
Dustin Harris
Brockton Rockets
Steve Levine
Jokers Hockey Club
Aaron Foster
Beau's Beer Hack
Kyle Welton
Parkdale Hockey Lads
Dominic Chartier
Gas Station Islanders
Aaron Brophy
Beau's Beer Hack
Jonathan Dickson
Brockton Rockets
John Sutton
Wheatfield Souldiers
Burke Lawrence
Jokers Hockey Club
Luke Smit

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