Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Aaaand We're Back! UUHA Set to Return After 18-Month Hiatus
Posted By: uuhadood
Sunday, October 3, 2021

TORONTO - After a year-and-a-half long hiatus due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the UUHA is finally set to return to action. Teams will play an abridged nine-game season starting on Saturday, Oct. 23 and wrapping up on Saturday, Dec. 18 with all games taking place at Upper Canada College.
The UUHA intends to continue its regular Saturday-night schedule in the New Year, as well. However, the 2022 games will be scheduled as a separate season in anticipation of relaxed restrictions, particularly those relating to capacity limits.
Unfortunately, not every UUHA team will be returning. The Parkdale Hockey Lads have opted to remain on hiatus for the time being as the team sorts out roster issues. In the meantime, at least a couple of Lads players will be participating regularly in UUHA games. Brothers Fil and Fernando Freitas have agreed  to terms with Lads rivals, the Humiliation, for whom they will don team colours for at least the balance of the year.
In other player moves, Teutonic owner of the Jokers Hockey Club, Heino, has confirmed that veteran defenceman and back-up goalie Marc Hickox has been traded to the Humiliation where he is expected to be pressed into regular net-minding duty. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
The UUHA's nine-game 2021 schedule will include five Regular Season contests and four dates designated for Playoffs. Barring any catastrophic events, the UUHA Championship Cup will be awarded on Saturday, Dec. 18 at UCC. Playoffs format has not been determined just yet, but will see all six teams in action each of the Saturday nights. 

Black Lives Matter to the UUHA
Posted By: uuhadood
Saturday, June 27, 2020

TORONTO - The UUHA and its teams, players and officials join the global awakening to denounce racism, injustice and intolerance in all of its forms, and to embrace the virtues of equality, respect, justice and fairness.
NHL Adopts UUHA Playoff Format for Proposed Return to Action
Posted By: uuhadood
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

TORONTO - The National Hockey League has announced details of its plan to return to the ice after the COVID-19 shutdown, becoming the first major professional sports league to do so. And if some of the details of the league's proposed new playoff format seem familiar to you, you may be a member of a UUHA team.
According to the proposed NHL plan, 24 teams are anticipated to commence the 2020 Playoffs in about a month-and-a-half, with several teams participating in round-robin play, while others compete in multi-game series play. In other words, teams (including the Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets) will follow the same basic playoffs format instituted by the UUHA over the past few seasons. Boo-ya!
The results of the round-robin portion of the 2020 NHL Playoffs will determine seeding for subsequent rounds, while series play will see victors advance, which is exactly what the UUHA has been doing for years now. So once again: Boo-ya!
Also in lock-step with longstanding UUHA practices, NHL teams will compete in arenas devoid of any fans.
After making details of the NHL's return official with a televised announcement on Monday, May 26, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman refrained from commenting on the similarities between the NHL's new plan and that of the tried-and-true playoff format of the UUHA. Then again, no one asked him to do so.
The Toronto Maple Leafs are expected to take on the Columbus Blue Jackets in the opening round of the 2020 NHL Playoffs, while the Winnipeg Jets and Calgary Flames are scheduled to meet elimination styles. Meanwhile, the Montreal Canadiens will go up against the Pittsburgh Penguins, while the Edmonton Oilers face off against the Chicago Blackhawks. Those, and al of the other match-ups, can be viewed here.   
Although the UUHA has not yet followed suit in announcing details of its return to the ice, sources close to the league's Board of Give'ners say there is no consideration being given to adopting the NHL's traditional format anytime soon. Recently reached for comment in his bucolic backyard, UUHA Director fo Operational Duties Chuck Molgat did confirm that plans are in the works to begin making plans of some sort at some point in the not-too-distant future, though, adding "Boo-ya! In yer face, Bettman!" 

2020 UUHA Playoffs Suspended Until Further Notice
Posted By: uuhadood
Friday, March 13, 2020

TORONTO - Regrettably, the 2020 UUHA Playoffs have been suspended until further notice due to facility closures associated with the ongoing COVID-19 (coronovirus) pandemic. Players are encouraged to contact their respective team GM's for any additional information and updates. The Super Cup tournament (originally scheduled for Friday, April 10 at McCormick Arena) is currently postponed as well.
Any forthcoming updates on either the 2020 UUHA Playoffs or the Super Cup will be posted here as they become available. We appreciate your understanding and share your disappointment in these unforeseen developments. Stay safe. Wash those hands. Maintain that distance.

Humiliation Sweeps Rockets While Lads Get Broom Job from GSI, Chartier
Posted By: uuhadood
Sunday, March 8, 2020

TORONTO - Dominic Chartier scored five straight goals for the Gas Station Islanders as the 1st-versus-worst opening round Playoffs series between GSI and the Parkdale Hockey Lads played out according to statistical probability. It was a different story in the series between the 2nd-place Brockton Rockets and the 6th-place Humiliation, though, as the Black Wizards shut out the reigning UUHA champs 1-0 in their second consecutive win of the teams' first-to-three-points series. The Humiliation won the first game 4-2.
In other UUHA Playoff action this past Saturday night, the Jokers blanked the Wheatfield Souldiers 3-0 as veteran Jokers goaltender Burke Lawrence picked up his first shutout of the postseason. Sean Cullen and Jeff Kassel scored for the Jokers with Kassel potting both the game-winning goal late in the 1st period, and a shorthanded breakaway marker near game's end.
The Jokers will now face the Beau's Beer Hack this coming Saturday, March 14 for the last game of the opening-round, round-robin series (which also features the so-far winless Wheatfield Souldiers). The results of the Jokers vs. Hack match (taking place at 7:00 pm at Upper Canada College) will determine seeding for the Quarterfinals scheduled for the following Saturday.
Prior to that, though, the winners and losers of the two first-to-three-points series will meet this coming Saturday (winner vs. winner, loser vs. loser) with a bye through to the Semifinals on the line for the Humiliation and Islanders (who both won their opening round series). The losing team of that match will play the Wheatfield Souldiers in the Quarterfinals. The Lads and Rockets will play each other to see who meets the winner of the round-robin series in the Quarterfinals, and who goes up against the 2nd-place round-robin squad instead.
Quarterfinal winners will play in the Semifinals the Saturday after that (March 28) to determine the dance cards for the Bronze Medal Game and the Championship Final (scheduled for Saturday, April 4). The two highest ranked Quarterfinal losers will face each other in the Battle of Debasement (also on March 28) while the lowest ranked loser will play in the Consolation Final on April 4.
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