Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Scrooged Again: Yule Log Tourney Postponed for Yet Another Holiday Season
Posted By: uuhadood
Friday, November 26, 2021

TORONTO - If you were hoping to participate in this season's Yule Log hockey tournament then you're going to have to ho-ho-hold your horses once more. For the second consecutive year, the formerly-annual yuletide hockey mixer - considered by some to be the most fun hockey event of the year -  has been put on ice, chiefly due to pandemic-related safety concerns.
"The numbers of Covid cases in the province keeps going up, and the holidays are a time when a lot of people are already mingling with others," said Yule Log organizer Barry Gettman, when asked about the decision to forego the tournament for another season. "So cramming three dozen individuals from various teams and dozens of families, together into small dressing rooms over the course of two or three evenings just doesn't feel like the right thing to do at this time."
Gettman also cited the fact that Christmas and New Year's Eve fall on weekends this year, making the scheduling of Yule Log games a bit more difficult, especially given limited weeknight hours at McCormick Arena. "Games would've had to start at 6:30 pm on two different weeknights, which I know from experience would represent a major challenge for some participants."
With outdoor rinks set to open soon across the city, Gettman says he is hopeful individuals will organize their own shinny games over the holidays, or maybe even a New Year's Eve skate. He added he would be happy to consult with anyone planning to do so, whether they need contact info for any rinks, or wish to borrow a couple sweater sets, the likes of which are typically used for mix-squad tournaments like the Yule and the Super Cup.
Speaking of Super Cup, Gettman says he remain optimistic that event will take place once again this coming spring, so long as the pandemic situation has improved. Stay tuned.
2021 Playoffs Format Graphic in Stunning Black & White!
Posted By: uuhadood
Friday, November 26, 2021

TORONTO - Curious about the 2021 UUHA Playoffs format? Well ponder no more, competitive hockey enthusiasts. Here below is what the next four weeks hold in store in terms of match-ups. Essentially, it's a double-elimination format, meaning once you lose two games, your team is out of contention for the Championship Final, scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 18 at Upper Canada College. If your squad's first loss comes in the Semis (on Dec. 11), that'll knock you out of the Big Game, too. Teams out of contention for the Final still keep playing each Saturday, just not for the Cup. A couple of things to keep in mind regarding the graphic below: W stands for winner, L stands for loser and the top-to-bottom game order on each date doesn't necessarily correspond to 7:00, 8:00 or 9:00 pm. So check the Schedule tab (above) each week top see what teams are playing at what time. And if you're wondering why League Leaders (at the bottom of the News page) is currently empty, it's because we've switched over the 2021 Playoffs as the display season, so there won't be stats until after the first Saturday's games. To see 2021 Regular Season stats, simply toggle to that season in the Scoring Leaders tab at the top of the main page. Good luck to everyone. Let's keep it fun and safe for each other out there.
Comedy of Errors: Humiliation, Jokers Post Own Goals in Ridiculous, Historic 1-1 Tie
Posted By: uuhadood
Sunday, November 21, 2021

TORONTO - The Jokers and Humiliation just took the UUHA's legendary parity to a whole new level. And possibly a whole new low, too.
Barely three minutes into the teams' final match of the abbreviated 2021 Regular Season, Humiliation spare Joe Marnell misfired a defensive zone pass across the crease, only to watch in petrified horror as the puck made its way behind goaltender Marc Hickox and into his own side's net. Oops.
But shit happens, right? And the same thing has happened before in the UUHA, and in many or most other leagues - the most well-known incident probably being Edmonton Oilers' defenceman Steve Smith's own goal in the 1986 Smythe Division Final.
However, that shit never happens twice in the same game. Until now.
Fast forward through the better part of three tight, defensive and otherwise scoreless periods, as veteran Jokers defenceman Duncan Fremlin prepared to clear the puck out of his own zone while being conscientious of his team's tenuous one-goal lead. Perhaps dazzled by the onslaught of the Black Wizards' forecheking, Fremlin woefully misjudged the angle of his clearing pass, sending the puck firmly and decisively behind goaltender Burke Lawrence and into the Jokers net, ignobly knotting the score in the most abjectly coincidental fashion imaginable.
By the time the cerebral smoke cleared and the shock and laughter subsided, the two teams shook hands on the most incredibly unlikely 1-1 draw they're ever likely to witness. For the record, Jokers forward Tyler Stewart and the Humiliation's Jimmy Sioukas were credited with the goals, having been the last players of their teams to handle the puck (theoretically, at least).
The evening's next two games were far less comedic and not nearly as tragic, although - predictably - one of them ended in a draw, specifically the 8:00 pm match between the Wheatfield Souldiers and the Beau's Beer Hack.
Historically, the Souldiers have run three lines of forwards for most of their games, that is prior to Upper Canada College pandemic restrictions limiting each team to a maximum of 10 skaters. On this night, however, Burton's Boys only managed to dress six regulars, among them defenceman Derek Domingos, who had previously opted out of the season, and team captain Chuck Molgat, who made his second appearance in goal for his squad. The Souldiers bench was bolstered by spares Fernando Freitas and Joe Marnell (both having just played in the previous historic contest - see above), along with 52-year-old defensive prospect, Colin Kilgour.
Predictably, the Hack got on the scoreboard first, as Chris Cacciotti performed the long carry on a rebound feed from goaltender Aaron Brophy, faked then adjusted his shot from a dozen feet out to solve Molgat on the glove side. Midway through the 2nd period, though, with an accidental high sticking penalty to Hack regular Dominic Hanlon about to expire, Souldiers points leader Brian Bentley converted a passing play involving Rodney Merchant and John Dahl to draw things even at 1 a piece. The first of four 3rd period goals saw Aaron Foster put his side up, before Kyle Welton redid the ribbon just under three minutes later. A successful Cacciotti wraparound would put the Hack back on top, but with a man in the box and the net empty for the extra attacker, Welton and Bentley combined to tie things up again with just 43 seconds on the clock. Despite an additional penalty that gave the Hack a two-man advantage for the final half minute-or-so, the teams settled for a 3-3 draw.
In the night's final game, with 2nd place hanging in the balance, reigning UUHA champs the Brockton Rockets jumped out to an early 2-0 lead over the Gas Station Islanders, including one of the fastest goals of the season, scored by Rockets points leader Dustin Harris just 41 seconds into the contest. GSI would halve that lead before the opening frame was done, though, as Dom Chartier combined with Seth Singer and Scott Adams to bring the Brockton Boys at least partially back down to Earth going into the middle frame. Rockets stalwart Oliver Sutherns and Chartier would trade 2nd period goals, before Harris bookended things in the 3rd (with Blaine Tynes picking up his second assist of the game) to put things just beyond reach for the Isles as the Rockets skated to a 4-2 victory, picking up a rare 2nd win on the season (the Jokers being the only other team to find the W column on more than one occasions this campaign).
The 2021 UUHA Playoffs begin in earnest this coming Saturday, Nov. 27 at UCC with the 1st-place Jokers taking on the 6th-place Gas Station Islanders at 8:00 pm. The 7:00 pm match features the 4th-place Humiliation and 3rd-place Beau's Beer Hack, while the evening's final contest will see the 5th-place Wheatfield Souldiers going up against the 2nd-place Brockton Rockets. (Please note the current Regular Season standings, as depicted on the UUHA website, do not take into account some of the league's progressive and inventive tie-break formulas, hence any seeming editorial discrepancy.) All games take place at storied and privileged Upper Canada College in Toronto's tony Forrest Hill neighbourhood.
Black Lives Matter to the UUHA
Posted By: uuhadood
Saturday, June 27, 2020

TORONTO - The UUHA and its teams, players and officials join the global awakening to denounce racism, injustice and intolerance in all of its forms, and to embrace the virtues of equality, respect, justice and fairness.
 League Leaders

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